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Skylight Replacement in Concord, MA

Skylight Replacement in Concord, MA

April 29, 2024

Skylight Replacement in Concord, MA

This beautiful home in Concord, MA had several skylights that were nearly 30 years old and were leaking nearly every time it rained. The skylights were foggy and not letting in the natural light that the owners really desired.

The roof was in good shape and only a few years old so a standard skylight replacement was recommended.

This homeowner opted to install VELUX FS (fixed, non opening) skylights on the home.

Sometimes with older skylights and roof windows the dimensions aren't quite the same as the newer ones we are installing and some changes to the rough opening need to be made, this was the case here.

We were able to cut the openings a bit larger and move the footers that support the bottom of the skylights down to accommodate the newer, longer units.

The end result was newer, more efficient skylights that were not only slightly larger, but beautifully illuminated the home's interior and give an updated look to the front of the roof which is so prominent on this home.

The homeowner will require some interior trim work to be done to finish things aesthetically, but at the end of the day they were much happier with the extra light and open look of the bigger No Leak VELUX skylights.

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