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Natick's Skylight Installation Experts

The Skylight Guys, Inc. is proud to provide outstanding skylight installation, roof repair, and replacement services to Natick and beyond. Our dedication to providing our customers with natural light is unmatched. We specialize in transforming Natick homes with precision-crafted skylight installation services that seamlessly blend innovation, aesthetics, and functionality.

Whether you're envisioning the classic charm of Velux Skylights, the energy-efficient brilliance of sun tunnels, or the modern sophistication of deck & curb mount skylights, our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge to ensure your Natick home is bathed in the perfect balance of sunlight.

Give your Natick home the professional touch it needs by hiring us for your roofing needs. Call 978-962-2195 or complete our online request form to get your free quote started and to get scheduled today!

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Deck & Curb Mount Skylights

Count on The Skylight Guys, Inc. when you want to improve the efficiency and ambiance of your living spaces in Natick with our top-notch deck & curb mount skylights. These innovative installations not only bring the beauty of natural light into your home but also add a […]

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Sun Tunnels

Brighten up your Natick home with the innovative and energy-efficient solution of sun tunnels, expertly installed by The Skylight Guys, Inc.! Sun tunnels, also known as tubular skylights, capture natural sunlight from your roof and channel it through a reflective tube, illuminating even the darkest corners of […]

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Velux Skylights

The Skylight Guys, Inc. is more than proud to provide outstanding roofing services as a trusted signature installation specialist. Count on us as your provider of professional Velux skylights in Natick and beyond. Our Velux skylights seamlessly blend modern design and innovative technology, transforming your home into […]

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Frequently Asked Skylight Installation Questions

Skylights bring numerous benefits, including increased natural light, improved ventilation, and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Your local installation company here at The Skylight Guys, Inc. specializes in installing skylights that not only brighten your living spaces but also create a more open and inviting atmosphere, adding value to your Natick home.

Skylights can be installed in various rooms, but considerations such as room orientation, roof structure, and purpose must be taken into account. Our experts at The Skylight Guys, Inc. assess the unique characteristics of each space in your Natick home, ensuring skylight installations are strategically placed to maximize natural light and functionality.

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    The Skylight Guys, Inc. is here to improve your Natick home with professional skylight installation, and we want to tell you why! Skylights offer an instant upgrade to homes, providing a trifecta of benefits that transform both the ambiance and functionality of living spaces. First and […]

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